National Council for the Social Studies – College and University Faculty Assembly, November 2017

Research in Practice Paper: “Sharing Our Stories: Supporting social studies with digital storytelling tools by, about, and for Native youth”

American Studies Association, November 2017

Paper: “Centering Indigeneity and radical self-love to counter settler colonialism”

Panel: “Radical Self-Love as Decolonial Education”

Other panelists: Jessica Samuel, Briyana D. Clarel, and Yamil Avivi García | Chaired by Michelle Téllez

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, June 23, 2017

Paper: “The 90%: Stories of Diaspora from Indian Country and digital possibilities for mending colonial disruptions through online communities”

Panel: “Digital Futures in Indian Country: Reflections from the Digital Native American and Indigenous Studies Project”

Other panelists: Jen Guiliano and Ricardo Punzalan

American Educational Research Association, April 28, 2017

Paper: “Teaching Historical Trauma, Assimilation Policy, and Indigenous Resilience in Middle School Social Studies Classrooms”

Panel: “Narratives, Counter-narratives, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Investigating Students, Teachers and Texts”

Other panelists: Stephane Levesque, Jocelyn Létourneau, Maria Tope Akinyele, Terrie Epstein, LaGarrett Jarriel King, and Crystal G. Simmons | Chaired by Maribel Santiago

Guest Lecture, UNC – Chapel Hill, November 21, 2016

“‘Education for Extinction’ Failed: We Are Still Here”

For Dr. Sharon Holland’s course “The Emergence of Modern America”

American Educational Studies Association, November 3, 2016

Paper: “Labor, and Learning in an Indian Boarding School: Teaching Historical Trauma and Structural Oppression through Film”

Panel: “Critical Encounters with Violence through Educational Media”

Other panelists: Sarah Clarke-Vivier, Amanda Maher, and Stacy Otto | Chaired by Paula Salvio

National Indian Education Association, October 6, 2016

The 90%: Building Digital Story-Sharing Spaces for Urban and Suburban Native Youth”

Workshop with Alex Red Corn and Kelsey Dayle  John

Critical Race Studies in Education Association, June 3, 2016

Paper: “‘Forward, together, with knowledge and healing’: literary and experiential approaches to teaching historical trauma and structural oppression”

Panel: “Experiential Approaches to Teaching Resistance to Structural Oppression”

Other panelists: Justin Coles and Amy Boele | Chaired by Tiffany M. Nyachae

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, May 20, 2016

Paper: “‘Those people’s hearts must have broke over and over’: intergenerational trauma and healing in children’s literature and museums”

Panel: “Making sense of trauma: Historical and educational approaches to remembering boarding schools”

Other panelists: Sarah Shear, Clyde Ellis, and Louellyn White

Guest Lecture, UNC – Chapel Hill, April 13, 2016

“The Unfulfilled Promise of Indian Education”

For Dr. Dan Cobb’s course “Approaches to American Indian Studies”

Guest Lecture, UNC – Chapel Hill, February 4, 2016

“The Jingle Dress in Historical Perspective”

For Professor Brooke Bauer’s course “American Indian Art and Material Culture”

American Society for Ethnohistory, November 4, 2015

Paper: “‘It woke like a sleeping giant’: the politics of desegregation and powwows in eastern North Carolina”

Panel: “Powwow Cultures: Parsing the Connections Between Tradition, Change, and Innovation”

Other panelists: Clyde Ellis and Marty Richardson | Chaired by Brian Hosmer

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, June 6, 2015

Paper: “Lumbee Powwow: an outward and visible sign of an inward and recognized identity”

Panel: “Historical Perspectives on Native American Rituals in (and out of) Context”

Other panelists: Sarah Dees, Brandi Denison, and Jennifer Graber | Chaired by Michelene Pesantubee

Guest Lecture, UNC – Chapel Hill, March 25, 2015

“Methods and Implications of American Indian Genealogical Research”

For Dr. Robert Allen’s First-Year Seminar “The Family and Social Change in America.”

Festival Coordinator, UNC-Chapel Hill, April 13-18, 2009

“Sounds of Globalism” World Music Festival