Conference Presentations

Organization of American Historians, April 2024

Roundtable: Building Public History Projects that Serve Native Communities: The Indigenous Chicago Project

Other panelists: Rose Miron, Josee Starr, Eric Hemenway

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, May 2023

Roundtable: Identifying the Utility of ‘Survivance’ within Studies of Indigenous Health

Other panelists: Jill Doerfler, Danielle Gartner, Rachel Wilbur, and Joe Gone

Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative Urban Native Education Conference, April 2023

Presentation with Jennifer Michals and Rose Miron: “Indigenous Chicago: Making the Invisible Visible in K-12 Illinois Social Studies”

American Educational Research Association, April 2023

Paper: “Teaching Desires-Based Histories in the College Classroom”

Panel: Centering Students’ Racialized Experiences: Shifting Paradigms in History Education

Other panelists: Sohyun An, Eliana Castro, Krista Cortes, Muna Saleh, Yianella Blanco | Chaired by Maribel Santiago | Tadashi Dozono, Discussant

National Council for the Social Studies, November 2022

Paper with Leilani Sabzalian: “This Bridge Called My Back: Engaging Feminisms of Color in Social Studies Education”

Other panelists: Kristen Duncan, Van Anh Tran, Hanadi Shatara, Amanda Vickery, Damaris Dunn, Tianna Dowie-Chin, Melissa Williams, Shakealia Finley, Muna Saleh, Tiffany Mitchell Patterson, Crystal Simmons, Natasha Murray-Everett, Eliana Castro, Cinthia Salinas, Delandrea Hall, Brittany Jones, Denisha Jones, Rebecca Geller, ArCasia James-Gallaway

Organization of American Historians, March 2022

Paper: “Reconceiving Schooling: Centering Indigenous Experimentation in Indian Education History”

Panel: Teaching Ingenuity: Indigenous Repurposing of Concepts in American Education

Other panelists: Matthew Villeneuve, Sarah Sadlier | Chaired by Bethany Hughes with commentary from Kevin Whalen

Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, August 2021

Paper: “Lessons from Indigenous Educators’ Interventions in Schooling”

Panel: (Re)Centering Pedagogies and Perspectives in Teaching History with Indigenous and Diverse Community Voices

Other panelists: Farina King, Ernestine Berry, Summer Cherland, Mary Klann, Rebecca Wellington

American Society for Environmental History, April 2021

Roundtable: Indigenous Systems of Relationality Across Environmental History and Indigenous Futures

Other panelists: Michael Dockry, Meixi, Lyana Patrick, Brett Ramey, Leilani Sabzalian

Organization of American Historians, April 2021

Roundtable: Beyond the Treaty of 1821: Enduring Midwestern Indigenous Histories and Presence

Other panelists: Kasey Keeler, Doug Kiel, Jacob Lee, Meredith McCoy, and Jameson Sweet | Chaired by Michael J. Witgen

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, May 2020 **cancelled due to COVID-19**

Paper with Matthew Villeneuve: “Education on Indigenous Terms: Building an Alternative Chronology of Indian Education History”

Panel: Educating Ourselves

Other panelists: Brent Debassige, Leslie White-Eye, Rebecca Jamieson, Omeasoo Wahpasiw, Emily Legg | Chaired by Jessica Cook

American Educational Research Association, April 2020 **cancelled due to COVID-19**

Paper: “Collaborations and Curricular Commitments: Expanding Understanding of Indigenous Enslavement for K-12 Social Studies”

Panel: Sharing Responsibility for Reshaping Social Studies Education for Indigenous Studies: Examinations of Researcher-Organization Partnerships

Other panelists: Spirit Brooks, Leilani Sabzalian, Kate Shuster, Sarah B. Shear, Jenni Conrad, Christine Rogers Stanton, and Brad Hall

National Council for the Social Studies, November 2019

Learning from Indigenous Women Changemakers in Elementary Civics

Other session facilitators: Leilani Sabzalian, Sarah Shear

National Council for the Social Studies – College and University Faculty Assembly, November 2019

Contemporary Issues Dialogue Session: Centering Indigeneity in Social Studies Teacher Education Programs

Other session facilitators: Leilani Sabzalian, Jimmy Snyder, Jenni Conrad, Sarah Shear, Christine Rogers Stanton

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, June 2019

Paper: “‘I wrote for my children’: Histories of Curriculum Writing for Indigenous Resurgence”

Panel: Centering Indigenous Epistemologies Against Settler Colonial Logics in K-12 Curriculum and Instruction

Other panelists: Tasha Hauff, Leilani Sabzalian, Sarah Shear

National Council for the Social Studies – College and University Faculty Assembly, November 2018

Paper: “‘You have to know who your kids are’: Genealogy project considerations for Social Studies teachers”

Panel: Family Dis/Connections: Reimagining School-Based Family History Research in Response to Colonial Contexts

Other panelists: Lakota Pochedly, Leilani Sabzalian, Tommy Ender

American Studies Association, November 2018

Paper: “Working from the Inside-Out: Alternative Indigenous Genealogies of Resistance to Settler Colonial “Temporary” Emergencies”

Panel: “Welcome to the Party: Ongoing urgency in American Indian Studies”

Other panelists: Jami Powell, Matthew Villeneuve | Chaired by Jean Dennison

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, May 18, 2018

Paper: “Creating Convergences: Counterstories of Indigenous Educational Resistance”

Panel: “Negotiating the Politics of Education and U.S. Educational Policies”

Other panelists: Lori Daggar, John R. Gram | Chaired by Lori Daggar

American Educational Research Association, April 16, 2018

Paper: “Confronting Historical Inequities in Federal Funding for American Indian Education Programs”

Roundtable: Every Student Succeeds Act

Other panelists: Sara Doolittle, Priscilla Wohlstetter, Megan Duff, Darius R. Brown | Chaired by Joshua L. Glazer

National Council for the Social Studies – College and University Faculty Assembly, November 16-17, 2017

Roundtable, Book Release: “Making Controversial Issues Relevant to Elementary Social Studies”

Paper: “Digital Storytelling For, In, and With Indian Country” on the panel: “Indigenous and Anticolonial Perspectives for Social Studies”

Research in Practice Session: “Sharing Our Stories: Supporting social studies with digital storytelling tools by, about, and for Native youth”

American Studies Association, November 10, 2017

Paper: “Centering Indigeneity and radical self-love to counter settler colonialism”

Panel: “Radical Self-Love as Decolonial Education”

Other panelists: Jessica Samuel, Justin Clarel, and Yamil Avivi García | Chaired by Michelle Téllez

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, June 23, 2017

Paper: “The 90%: Stories of Diaspora from Indian Country and digital possibilities for mending colonial disruptions through online communities”

Panel: “Digital Futures in Indian Country: Reflections from the Digital Native American and Indigenous Studies Project”

Other panelists: Jen Guiliano and Ricardo Punzalan

American Educational Research Association, April 28, 2017

Paper: “Teaching Historical Trauma, Assimilation Policy, and Indigenous Resilience in Middle School Social Studies Classrooms”

Panel: “Narratives, Counter-narratives, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Investigating Students, Teachers and Texts”

Other panelists: Stephane Levesque, Jocelyn Létourneau, Maria Tope Akinyele, Terrie Epstein, LaGarrett Jarriel King, and Crystal G. Simmons | Chaired by Maribel Santiago

American Educational Studies Association, November 3, 2016

Paper: “Labor, and Learning in an Indian Boarding School: Teaching Historical Trauma and Structural Oppression through Film”

Panel: “Critical Encounters with Violence through Educational Media”

Other panelists: Sarah Clarke-Vivier, Amanda Maher, and Stacy Otto | Chaired by Paula Salvio

AESA presentation profiled by the UNC American Indian Center

National Indian Education Association, October 6, 2016

The 90%: Building Digital Story-Sharing Spaces for Urban and Suburban Native Youth”

Workshop with Alex Red Corn and Kelsey Dayle  John

Critical Race Studies in Education Association, June 3, 2016

Paper: “‘Forward, together, with knowledge and healing’: literary and experiential approaches to teaching historical trauma and structural oppression”

Panel: “Experiential Approaches to Teaching Resistance to Structural Oppression”

Other panelists: Justin Coles and Amy Boele | Chaired by Tiffany M. Nyachae

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, May 20, 2016

Paper: “‘Those people’s hearts must have broke over and over’: intergenerational trauma and healing in children’s literature and museums”

Panel: “Making sense of trauma: Historical and educational approaches to remembering boarding schools”

Other panelists: Sarah Shear, Clyde Ellis, and Louellyn White

American Society for Ethnohistory, November 4, 2015

Paper: “‘It woke like a sleeping giant’: the politics of desegregation and powwows in eastern North Carolina”

Panel: “Powwow Cultures: Parsing the Connections Between Tradition, Change, and Innovation”

Other panelists: Clyde Ellis and Marty Richardson | Chaired by Brian Hosmer

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, June 6, 2015

Paper: “Lumbee Powwow: an outward and visible sign of an inward and recognized identity”

Panel: “Historical Perspectives on Native American Rituals in (and out of) Context”

Other panelists: Sarah Dees, Brandi Denison, and Jennifer Graber | Chaired by Michelene Pesantubee