Image by Jeremy Wilson

Image by Jeremy Wilson

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  • History, Methods, and Ethics of American Indian and Indigenous Studies 
  • Race and Inequality in the American Education System

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  • American Education in Fiction and Film
  • Indigenous Youth Activism in the Digital Age

Student feedback from Contemporary Indian Studies

“It’s opened my eyes … [and] showed me about us as a nation of Native people.”

Before this class, “research wasn’t very easy for me. I found it dry. Being able to narrow and study only what I needed helped.”

This course made me “more aware of tribal needs, ours and in other tribes and more aware of our and other tribes period.”

I “can tell that each lesson plan, assignment, [and] discussion was very well thought out.” Meredith “was very considerate of our questions and needs.”

I learned “how to follow/pursue research trails and how to find answers in many ways.”

In this class, I appreciated “the great teacher and student help system, the great articles, and [the] suggestions the instructor gave us.”

“The grading is fair and it shows how the student is in control of his/her grade.”

Student feedback from Colonialism, Power, and Resistance

“Having three instructors for this class was excellent since each specialized in a certain area of study. If somehow you could not contact one, another was available to answer any questions I may have had. Also they taught us valuable skills that helped me in other classes such as visiting the library or online resources to help organize our work. They pushed hard but they were there to help us along.”

“I appreciated the course material itself, the way the course changed my thinking, and the instructors’ approach to a first year seminar. The material [was] interesting on its own, but more importantly it was effective in opening my eyes to the rest of the world and altering my perception and vigilance for everyone’s well-being. Also, the care and support shown by the instructors was invaluable. The instructors were incredibly helpful in easing new, unprepared college freshmen into a world of new changes. The openness and eagerness to help and advise was noticed and appreciated by all students, I am sure. I am thankful for having chosen this first year seminar because of the care the instructors had for the students.”

“This class has made me so much more aware of not only what happened during colonialism, but the echoes of it that are literally all around me. It has made me more aware of cultural appropriation, my own stereotypes, and has taught me to see things as what they are and not let them influence my perception of people groups or regions.”

“I am now more sensitive to how I use my own words and how I perceive the words of others. I have gained the ability to look at the language and terminology I use in every day life and see where I may have been better off to phrase things differently to truly convey my message in the way I intend without offending others. I have been able to apply this to the way I see the rest of the world.”

“This class has allowed me to expand my thoughts and perspectives on colonialism and how it has changed our world and how we perceive groups of people. It has also allowed me to see similarities in how Indigenous and minority groups react to colonial forces and how they take back their identity.”

“This class has shown me that there are still many things today that are manifestations of colonial power dynamics. These include: literature, fashion, the news, videos, etc. I have learned how these manifestations impact both those in power and those in minority groups. I have also learned about the stereotypes that much of the world has about certain regions and groups of people (for example Africa) and how these do not tell the true story.”

“This course has prepared me for other courses that I am currently taking and plan on taking. This course forced me to be more specific in my claims and observations. It has also allowed be to better articulate my thoughts/opinions better when I am writing a research/argumentative paper.”

“[Meredith was] a tough grader but I felt [her] experience as a teacher was very helpful in helping me when I didn’t understand certain concepts or I needed more information on a topic.”

“[The course was] very high quality and thought through; in retrospect I can see the layers and the planning that went through the course and I truly appreciate that hard work. Definitely accomplishes what the instructors had in mind for the course.”

“[Meredith] helped explain things in an easier or a different approach when we were having group discussions that helped move the conversation forward. Also had many insights about colonialism and helped get the idea of it across. Overall, she was a great teacher.”

Student feedback from Native America in the Twentieth Century

“Meredith has enriched my learning so much. Her passion is translated into great energy in the classroom and her knowledge is vast.”

“This TA is exceptionally understanding and kind, and obviously interested in the subject. It’s nice to have a TA that’s actually concerned with each student’s well-being and whether they’re learning and understanding the material.”

“Meredith provided a safe space for me and others to expand our knowledge of 21st century Indigenous people. She’s probably the best and most interesting TA in my time at Carolina!”

“There is always space for any opinion or view. Meredith always welcomes critiques which is also nice.”

“She always has a plan for recitation and makes learning fun and creative. I also think it’s incredible how she regulates discussions while maintaining an inclusive atmosphere.”

“She is so respectful, kind, knowledgable, and willing to help her students. You can tell she really loves teaching and is dedicated to her students!”

“Meredith really helped me interpret the things we learned in lecture. She put things in a very simple and direct way so that even though I had little knowledge of Indian history prior to the course I was able to engage in each lesson.”

“Meredith made sure all concepts, people, places, readings, and films were all explained clearly and well understood. I think Meredith was very fair in her grading and provided great reasons as to why she graded the way she did. It was obvious that she has a great passion for teaching and for this subject. She made certain that we all understood things clearly and that we all got the most out of recitation.”

“Recitations were consistently engaging and effective. Meredith was one of the best, most engaging TAs I’ve had at UNC.”

Student Feedback from Introduction to American Legal Education

“She’s an awesome TA. Fast and fair grader, willing to accommodate your schedule for office hours, and knowledgeable about the subject.”

“The TA was always available to meet or reply to emails and the knowledge and help she provided helped me to learn more. The TA did help to make this a productive space to learn.”

“She was available before tests and assignments and was very clear on what she expected in the memos.”

“She seemed harsh at first but it helped improve my attention to detail.”

“She was extremely helpful and accommodating, even approaching me to make sure my questions were answered. Meredith was one of the most helpful TAs I’ve had at Carolina!”

“She was a great aid in helping further my understanding of the material.”